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DL145 BIOS Upgrade

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DL145 BIOS Upgrade

How do I upgrade the BIOS on DL145 the download site says to make a floppy but there is no floppy drive or even floppy connector on the board I also do not have the server connected to the internet. but I can make CD's is there a windows 2003 utility to update the bios from windows?

Roger Faucher
Honored Contributor

Re: DL145 BIOS Upgrade


Here's a quote from the DL145 User Guide:

"ROMPaq Utility"
ROM flash enables you to upgrade the firmware (BIOS).

To upgrade the BIOS:
1. Download the latest ROMPaq at
2. Follow the instructions and create a bootable diskette.
3. Connect a USB diskette drive to the server.
4. Insert the boot diskette.
5. Power the server off and then on. Press F10 to enter the Setup Utility.
6. Navigate to the Boot Setup Screen and verify that the diskette drive is set as the 1st Boot Drive.
7. Boot server from the diskette image you created in step 2. The ROMPaq Utility checks the system and provides a choice (if more than one exists) of available ROM revisions. By default, the oldest ROM version is updated.

The link to the manual is:

The link to the BIOS, firmware,software, and drivers is:


Make a great day!

Make a great day!

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Re: DL145 BIOS Upgrade

I read that thats why I poeted here there is no floppy drive and one can not be installed because there is not a connector on the board. but thanks anyways
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Re: DL145 BIOS Upgrade

I called Tech support and
I Guess I have to buy the USB Diskette drive thanks for the help
Delinda Larson
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Re: DL145 BIOS Upgrade

I agree that an install procedure requiring
a floppy on a system without one is rather

My DL145 has a CD-ROM. I created the boot
floppy on another system (as recommended), but
then used X-CD-Roast on Linux to burn an
equivalent bootable CD-ROM image - it worked
for me, upgrading my 5/14/2004 BIOS to 5/24.

Instructions for X-CD-Roast are at

Of course, this is just friently advice,
not (to my knowledge) a supported solution.
- Dave
Craig Jackson_3
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Re: DL145 BIOS Upgrade

I just successfully did a BIOS update using the PXE boot disk creation facilities of RDP.

It took some reverse-engineering. I basically figured out how they built their boot disks, and then built one the same way.