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DL145 G2 Windows Installation

Ken Sangveraphunsiri
Occasional Visitor

DL145 G2 Windows Installation

I'm having problems installing Windows 2000 server. I get a blue screen right after the setup loads all the drivers for the intial startup. The blue screen error stats a inaccessible boot device. I've installed 2003 on the same machine but unfortunately need 2000 on it. Any ideas why I get a blue screen error? I'm installing the OS with a usb-cdrom drive and loaded the controller drivers with a usb-floppy.

The machine was configured with a RAID 1 directly from HP.
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Re: DL145 G2 Windows Installation

Tarek Kawach
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Re: DL145 G2 Windows Installation

Hi Ken:

I found an advisory that could help you out:

Document ID: EM050505_CW01
Version: 0
`STOP 0x0000007B: INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE` Message May Be Displayed on a ProLiant Server when Using a USB CD-ROM or USB DVD Drive to Install Microsoft Windows 2000 from the Base Media


as it stats there; you will need
Windows 2000 Base Media Setup with SP4 slipstreamed into it.

Best regards,

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Re: DL145 G2 Windows Installation

You can use this utility to make the slipstream CD:

It is freeware and its pretty easy to use, go to the guide section and you'll find snapshots and instructions on haow to do teh CD.

By teh way, since you'r egoing to create the CD I'll recommend to load teh controller drivers on that CD too so you'll have a OS backup CD with SP4 and the drivers ofr teh Storage controlelr at the same time.


Michael Galdones
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Re: DL145 G2 Windows Installation

I have the same issue here but in a Proliant DL140 G3. I've tried using the nLite software..It's really a cool utility...Used Windows 2000 Server and slipstreamed SP4 in it...but i still get the BSOD.(inaccessible boot device)...

What seems to be the issue here?
Am I missing something?

Please help...
Ken Sangveraphunsiri
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL145 G2 Windows Installation

I used the nLite software and slipstreamed sp4 onto the disk. It worked perfectly. I was using an external Iomagic DVD drive. Perhaps it could be something with the make/model of ur drive? Are you using any other external devices?
Michael Galdones
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL145 G2 Windows Installation

Thanks for replying.
I'm using a USB CD-RW Drive(ASUS & Plextor).
Are there other methods that I can use to install Windows 2000 Server on it?
Will the SmartStart CD help?

This are the steps I followed:
Step 1
Used nlite software to slipstreamed SP4 to a Windows 2000 Server Base Media.
Step 2
Added driver for the HP 8 Port SAS into the media.
Step 3
Created a bootable media.
Step 4
Booted DL140G3 from my USB CD-RW Drive.

The result...BSOD