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DL145 G2 (with SATA drive) & SLES 9 IA32


DL145 G2 (with SATA drive) & SLES 9 IA32

Couple of issues -

As per the following two URLs, DL145 G2 (with SATA drive) is qualified with SLES 9 IA32.

1. I am having some serious issue while installing SLES 9 IA32 on DL145 G2 (with SATA drives). If I select "reiserfs", Installation gets stuck during disk partition and does not proceed any further.

2. If I select "ext3", Disk Partition goes through but gets stuck after that. Sometime the installation gets stuck after the disk partition and some other time Installation goes through but shows "KERNEL PANIC" when server comes up from 1st reboot after OS installation is over.

Now as per
I ask me to put a SATA driver which require a Floppy drive. But the server has has not option for floppy drive. So, I am not able to use this option either.

I have attached configuration of my server for referene.

My objective is to Install SLES 9 IA32 into DL145 G2. Please tell me what can I do now?

Re: DL145 G2 (with SATA drive) & SLES 9 IA32

Found solution from another thread though it was not fully clear to me. Here is what one needs to do -

1. Boot the server using SLES 9 IA32 SP3 CD#1
2. Follow the instructions shown in the GUI.

If you face problem with reiserfs FS, select ext3.

One more point, obviously partitioning SATA disk takes more than then SCSI disk. So, keep patience.

Re: DL145 G2 (with SATA drive) & SLES 9 IA32

It is rather strange that neither HP nor Novell has mentioned about this issue somewhere (or at least I was not able to find out).

Anyways, things are working now and closing the thread.