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DL145 Lights-Out prompt on Linux

Charles Matson
Occasional Visitor

DL145 Lights-Out prompt on Linux

I'm having problems logging into the management NIC to get the Proliant> prompt. When the system is up and running, and I telnet into my management port, I am asked for my Lights-Out user name and password, which it accepts no problem. However, the prompt that then shows up is EMS>. But the prompt is bogus in that I am really not in EMS. It really is a login: prompt for that node. If I enter a valid username and hit return, I get the password: prompt. If I enter a non-valid username, I still get the password: prompt, but after entering a value there and hitting return, I am sent back to the login: prompt. Should I not enter anything at the EMS> prompt and just hit return, I get the login: prompt. If I enter a valid login and password sequence, I'm logged onto the machine and get a Unix prompt. This is the console, so when I reboot, for example, I see the shutdown and startup sequences.

On the other hand, if the machine is turned off, I still get the EMS> prompt, but when I hit return, I do get the Proliant> prompt.

How do I get the Proliant> prompt instead of the EMS> prompt, and without any delay; i.e., when I telnet into the management NIC and enter the CLI login and password values, I will get the Proliant> prompt?