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DL160 G5 Hangs when booting Solaris 10

Chris Velasquez

DL160 G5 Hangs when booting Solaris 10

A newly installed DL-160 has exhibited problems since installation in system hangs on boot. Initially this was reflected in both CD/DVD and normal disk boot at random times and places. It has typically happened only on reboots.

Service was provided and the system board(457882-001) was replaced. The customer agreed to reload the O/S (Solaris 10) as a precautionary troubleshooting step to determine if that might have an impact. It may have. The server now hangs consistently on a reboot when accessing the boot hard drive. This hang is always evident in a display of the network card being initialized then the boot sequence freezes. There is no further response from the system. CTRL-ALT-DEL does nothing. The short press of the power button (which normally initiates a shutdown) is ineffective. To restart the server one must first press and hold the power button for a hard shutdown. The server will then boot up as expected.

One other symptom has been observed since O/S reinstallation. An external SCSI tape drive is connected to the system via an ATTO controller. Intermittent messages complaining that the drive/controller is not responding can happen during the boot. This drive has been tested and was used in a system disk backup so I know it works.

Any help with resolving this issue is GREATLY appreciated!

Chris V. HP Federal Services