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DL160 G5 / Problems

Christoph Streit
Occasional Visitor

DL160 G5 / Problems

We have bought quite a few DL160 G5 servers over the last couple of weeks and encountered the problem, that the management interface (ilo) stops responding after a while. It cannot be access via http anymore. Only after completely turning off power (pulling the power cable) the ilo management can be accessed again.

We already installed the most recent management firmware and updated the bios. But the problem still exists.

Any feedback/suggestions would be appreciated.

Christoph Streit
Occasional Visitor

Re: DL160 G5 / Problems

Does anyone have the same issues?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!
Honored Contributor

Re: DL160 G5 / Problems


since you updated the you most important things, there are no many options for troubleshoting.

If you had firmware 3.0 before, under Fixes for 3.01 :

ProLiant DL160 G5\DL185 G5 Lights-Out 100 Ver. 3.01:

* Resolved an issue with version 3.00 firmware that could cause FRU corruption when the firmware was updated.

Can be that the firmware corrupted something...
You can call HP to try replace the sysboard, nothing else I can think of...


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Re: DL160 G5 / Problems

We also bought a DL160G5 a few weeks ago. It has the exact same problem.

Once the BMC even turned the machine off showing a warning (PROCHOT). After turning the computer (remotely) on again it vanished from the network.

The system board was changed by HP. With the new board the BMC still keeps dying. We updated the firmware to Version 3.01 but that didn't help either.

Reseting the BMC locally brings it back. But it wont display the CPU temperature anymore...

A colleague suggested it could be a power supply problem. How many machines did you get? Is it likely?