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DL160 G5 Question

Dmitry B
Occasional Visitor

DL160 G5 Question


On the back side of top cover of the chassis is sticker (the map) on which is shown what is located inside the server. This sticker is for DL320 but not for DL160.

I think the top cover is from DL320, so it looks like this server is "refurbished" or something like that. Or I am too paranoid?:)

I registered this server on HP web-site at 07 Nov 2008. Warranty end date shown as 07 Nov 2009, but start date is 09 Oct 2008. This is a question too. The "start date" indicates the date when server was build or the date at which server was sold?

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Re: DL160 G5 Question

I think it's when the server was sold because its an indication on the 30 days warrenty of the server.