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DL160 G5 RAM upgrade problems

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DL160 G5 RAM upgrade problems

I've bought a set of 2GB RAM modules of the type 398707-051 (RAM selling website lists them as compatible to the DL160 G5).

But the problem is, that they are only recognized as 1GB modules instead of 2 GB.

Bios is the latest version from 2010...

Is there anything I can do? And will it cause problems still running the server with these rams installed?


Re: DL160 G5 RAM upgrade problems



Refer to the Server QuickSpecs .

I guess you have installed these dimms in Slot 1 and 3.


398707-051 = 416472-001 = 2GB PC2-5300 FBD DIMM - RoHS


If 2GB RAM is getting recognised at 1GB, possibilities are:

RAM is faulty.

BIOS configuration problem.

DIMM Slot on system board is faulty.


What you could possibly do is that:

Test these RAM on a known good working server.

Test another set of RAM on this DL160 G5 server.

Clear NVRAM from System Maintenance Switch.



Good Luck!

Thank You!
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