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DL160 G5: Soft Reboot Problem (Windows 2003 Server)

Paul Dejyothin
Occasional Contributor

DL160 G5: Soft Reboot Problem (Windows 2003 Server)

I'm encountering an issue with a DL160 G5 (Windows 2003 Server - Latest SP + Fixes) whereby when the system is soft-rebooted from Windows the system doesn't boot back up.

I get the following error upon boot-up..

Reboot & select proper boot device
or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device & press a key.

The only way to boot the system up is by shutting down the system (power down), and powering on the system again.

The system will boot only when the system is shut down, and them powered on again.

Any idea's why this is happening?

I have another DL160 G5 with Windows 2003 installed and this above symptoms does not occur to this machine.