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DL160 G5 and P410

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DL160 G5 and P410

I have DL160 G5 server and P410 controller, and I can not make them work!

First it looks like everything is ok. I start server, configure array RAID1+0. But when I start OS setup it says there is now disks available. I tried HP ACU, it also says "did not detect any controllers". After installation fo the controller i get PCI_PERR errors in system event log. 

Sirajul haque
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Re: DL160 G5 and P410

Quick thought :)


I checked the quickspecs of the server and I find that P410 is not a supported controller:

Supported one is listed below:

HP Smart Array E200/128 BBWC Controller
HP Smart Array P400/256 Controller
HP Smart Array P800/512 BBWC Controller

Specification link:



Though I work for HP, I do not represent HP here :)
Johan Guldmyr
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Re: DL160 G5 and P410

Is that because the PCIe slots in the DL120 G5 are x16 while the P410 is x8? Is that making them incompatible?

p410 quickspecs:
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Re: DL160 G5 and P410

I read HCL. It does not mean that devices are incompatable. DL160 g5 is an old model, it was not tested for HCL. 

And it had some issues which were fixed by firmware updates:


Version: 2009.07.27  (25 Aug 2009)     Fixes Resolved an issue where there was not enough option ROM space available when two NC522 NICs or one NC522 NIC and a Smart Array P410 were installed in the server. This issue resulted in a POST error message indicating that there is not enough memory for the PCI option ROMs and the embedded NICs and SATA controller would not be loaded.
Resolved an issue where the system would not boot with a Brocade PCIe FC HBA 815/825 HBA installed in the system.
Resolved an issue where changing the System Date in the BIOS Setup Menu could result in abnormal times reported in the System Event Log (SEL).
NOTES:  BMC version 3.11 must be installed on the DL160 G5 before upgrading to this version 2009.07.27 BIOS.


160g5 and p410 can work. 


PS/ I should have bought adaptec controller.