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DL160 G6 Fan Monitoring

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DL160 G6 Fan Monitoring

Hi All, 

I've just got a secondhand DL160 G6 for a bit of a play. 

Is there any tools other than the enterprise HP Toolset that I can use to monitor fan speed to make sure they are working correctly?

I'm not noticing any noise change in the fans even when the server is under extended load, which I would expect. 


Re: DL160 G6 Fan Monitoring


if you enable the share ilo function ,you can login  the iLO UI and click the system information tab,you can got the fan information as below,include the status ,location and speed.

or you can try install the software which name is HPE system management homepage in the OS, then configure the source provider ,eg(SNMP). you also can check the fan status.

    Location     Status     Speed   Fan 1:     System 1     Ok     35%   Fan 2:     System 2     Ok     35%   Fan 3:     System 3     Ok     35%   Fan 4:     System 4     Ok     39%   Fan 7:     System 7     Ok     25%  


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Re: DL160 G6 Fan Monitoring


In addition: doing IPMI commands or SSH to the ILO would or could show as well some good FAN status message.

please keep in mind that on most HPE ProLiant servers to have the system work correctly with its FAN (and toggle its speed) its needed to install like HPE management drivers or HPE iLO drivers. Please take a look at your installed drivers and or run the SPP drivers set for that specific model and OS to get the full hpe driver set for that server installed.
ENjoy the testing.

Cheers, jeroen


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