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DL160 G6 and LO100: BIOS console redirect

Graham Allan

DL160 G6 and LO100: BIOS console redirect

I'm new to Proliant servers and ILO, and reading the manual for the LO100 I can't figure out how to enable redirection of BIOS output through the ILO.

The test server I have is a DL160 G6 with the dedicated management port. BIOS version is 6/10/2009, and the LO100 firmware is current at 4.03. I have the LO100 getting an IP via dhcp, and I can telnet to it and use the web interface.

The LO100 userguide says (on page 40) that for the DL160 G6, to enable BIOS redirection, you need to go to the Advanced section in the main BIOS, then down to a "Remote Access Configuration" section. Well, on my server, there is no such option in the BIOS...

Any ideas...?

Thanks in advance for any advice.