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DL160 G6 won't power on

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DL160 G6 won't power on

I have a DL160 G6 that won't power on. The power button / LED is off, so is the LED on the PSU, there is a LED on the board which is flashing green. The rear UID LED will turn Blue when pressed, the front UID LED stays off.


I've currently performed the following:

Removed the RAID controller and also disconnected the HDD

Disconnected and reconnected the power cables

Swapped PSU's (still no light on the second PSU)

Removed the second CPU and all RAM sticks except one, the remaining stick is in the white slot closest to CPU 1

Tried different RAM sticks

Swapped CPU's

Disconnected and reconnected the connector which I think is connected to the power button


The only thing I've avoided is removing the system board and reinstalling it, just in case there is a short or loose cable I may have missed.


I also found the service manual and troubleshooting guide (for the G7 series), which didn't really help. If I knew which exact pins are used to power on the server I'd short them to bypass the power button.


What exactly is the PSU LED supposed to do?

Any ideas on what else I can do to troubleshoot?


Finally the server has been kept in storage for a few months and just prior to that had the system board replaced and was working at that point, its also out of warranty.

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Re: DL160 G6 won't power on

The front & back UID LEDs should switch on & off together, so if only the rear UID LED lights up, it definitely suggests that there might be some internal disconnection or cable/connector failure.

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Re: DL160 G6 won't power on

Turns out the cable on the front connector was loose, I had to remove a screw on the top of the server the holds the front panel in place, the is a plastic catch on the right hand side, front edge (if looking at the server from the front) which when pushed in will allow you to pull the front panel off.