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DL160 Gen 9 and Graphics Cards

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DL160 Gen 9 and Graphics Cards

Is it possible to fit a graphics card to a DL170 Gen 9 into Slot 1?


We are looking at options for fitting out a number of workstations, but want the computer part to be rack mounted. We thought about getting some 1U machines made, but someone suggested looking at 1U Proliant servers.


By and large these look ideal, but one application that will need to be run on a number of machines requires an NVidia GeForce graphics card. 


Does anyone know if such a card will fit?


Should I look for fan cooled or passively cooled?


If a low profile card is used, is there more space available? I.e. some single slot, low profile graphics cards have heat sinks that would protrude into an adjacent slot. Is there space below PCI slot 2 for such protuberances?