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DL160 Gen10 for virtualization

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DL160 Gen10 for virtualization

Hello all,

I am considering buying a DL160 with the following config for a virtualization lab at home. Would this do the trick you think?

  • DL160
  • 128GB RAM
  • 2 x HPE DL160 Gen10 Intel Xeon-S 4214R 12-Core (2.40GHz 16.50MB L3 Cache) Processor Kit
  • 1 x HPE 2TB 6G 7.2k rpm HPL SATA SFF (2.5in) Smart Carrier 512e Hard Disk Drive

I would be using ESX, vCenter and Horizon View

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: DL160 Gen10 for virtualization

For baisc esxi server studycase , it only request one host, but for virtualization lab at home, I suggest you get two or three DL20 G9/G10 for multi host unit case.

I have esxi home lab with DL320Ev2 G8,DL20 G9 and DL20 G10. Also use other ML110 G9 for multi function server.




Re: DL160 Gen10 for virtualization

Hi aWanderer,

Good day!

We would advise you to contact the HPE Sales team or a HPE Consultant so that you can have a detailed discussion to arrive upon the solution you wish to purchase. 

To find the HPE Sales team's number, please use the link below.

Please select the country where you reside to obtain the contact number of the Sales team pertaining to your country of residence. 

Thank You!
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Re: DL160 Gen10 for virtualization

Well, I spent 5 hours trying to first buy a DL160 online at the HPE site but that was a total failure.  Then tried the Sales expert chat and all they wanted to do was collect my contact info. They are not experts there.  Then I tried "Get a quote" and the site disabled my account. Finally had to use an alias e-mail and create a new account. Finally got it to submit a form for a quote for something. Was not for what I was looking for but hopefully someone contacts me.  What a mess the website stuff is. Never again.  I bet the person that contacts me will be useless too.


Thanks for the help.


Re: DL160 Gen10 for virtualization

Here's the list of parts to accomplish what you'd like to have. I'd recommend checking out some of our partners like Insight, PCM, CDW, SHI, etc to find the best prices for these parts and purchase online. Then assemble them when they arrive.

you'll need to disable the onboard S100i RAID controller. If you want to use RAID in the future, you'll need a RAID card and cable kit.

Server P35518-B21 x1
Processor P21192-B21 x1
Memory P00920-B21 x7
iLO E6U59ABE x1
HDD 765455-B21 x1


Re: DL160 Gen10 for virtualization

posted from the wrong account, but I'm an HPE employee and give good advice and give me kudos please. LOL let me know if you have any other questions

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Re: DL160 Gen10 for virtualization

Hi Wanderer ,

 Just for home lab test machines , this configuration is fine. If you are looking for High Availability and all other VM features , It  would be better to use two or three DL160 Gen10 machine s.

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