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DL160 Gen9 adding 2 disk to RAID1

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DL160 Gen9 adding 2 disk to RAID1

Hello Guys

I'd like to ask for an advice, as I didn't play much with HP servers. As per subject, I have DL160 Gen9 with 2x1TB disks set up as RAID1. There are 2 slots available, so want to add another 2x1TB disks to expand the space. I'm preparing step by step insturction, and I'd apprieciate your advice, how that should go. So far I have:

1. Full backup (obviously :))

2. Update HP firmware

3. Power Off the server and plug 2 new disks
2. Power On the server and go to F10 - Intelligent Provisioning
3. HP Smart Storage Administrator

Now, I'm guessing 2 new disks will appear in Unnasigned Drives, right? What would be the best practice, to add them? Is it possible to create RAID10 from this place? Or different approach is recommended?

Thank you in advance for all advices.





Re: DL160 Gen9 adding 2 disk to RAID1


You can see the disc adding and data space expansion process in the link below.

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Re: DL160 Gen9 adding 2 disk to RAID1

That's great article, thank you Erdogan

Few more questions:

Is the battery packs (BBWC and BFWC) usualy come by default with the servers? I'm wondering, if my server will not have it, or I need to buy one, or destroy all data, expand the array and recovery the backup, or there is an other way?

Also, it's well know, that things can go wrong with raid extencione, and you may need to recreate your backup. But from your experience, how ofthen that's happening?

Thank you in advance.