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DL160 - SATA hot swap vs non hot swap

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Ron Robertson
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DL160 - SATA hot swap vs non hot swap

We are looking to upgrade from G4 Proliant servers to G6. The SCA SCSI drives were always very nice to work with and the little red light was important in our badly understaffed operation :) 


My question are specifically for the LFF drive, but will appreciate any info regarding SFF or LFF as it relates to Hot Plug vs Non.

Do either of the lights on the G6 drive caddy go red like the G4? Or how is a fault/failure indicated?


What exactly is the difference between the Non HP drives and the HP drive? Is there a difference in the connector. I notice on some old SAS drives there are additional pins.


I have a G6 DL160 and have purchased the Hot Plug backplane for it and it already has the P410 controller. Is there anything else I need besides the right SATA drives to make the Hot Pluggable?







Re: DL160 - SATA hot swap vs non hot swap



SAS and SATA Hard Drive - LED Combinations/behavior Explained


Difference between HP and Non-HP drives are that HP drives have HP Firmware which are compatible with HP Servers/Array Controllers/Management Software provided by HP.


I am not sure about converting a Non-Hot Plug into Hot Plug option, but if you have purchased Hot Plug backplane and have P410 controller with Hot Plug drives, you may need a compatible cables and or write cache.


Good Luck!

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Ron Robertson
Frequent Visitor

Re: DL160 - SATA hot swap vs non hot swap

Thanks for the response. The LED chart is a big help.