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DL160 - Using onboard B110i & P212 controller

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DL160 - Using onboard B110i & P212 controller

Hi All,

Looking for some experts to advise if the following is possible:

I have a server in a datacenter half way around the world and need to add an additional hard disk. I dont have a great deal of confidence with the 'remote hands' tech, so am looking for some experts to advise if the following is possible:

DL160 G6 Server has 4 port backplane. 2 disks are plugged into the P212 smart array controller, each in its own array. They are essentially standalone disks, no RAID configured. There is no cache module addon attached to the P212 smart array, so I can't add any more disks to this controller.

I'm looking to add an additional disk to this server, bringing the total to 3.

The datacenter are pushing me to upgrade to the cache module addon for the P212, however I don't need any of the RAID capabilities this will provide and is quite a pricey option just so I can run an addition hard disk, especially as this server comes with its own onboard SATA controller.

So my question is, can I use the onboard B110i controller alongside the P212 controller?

Can the 4 port backplane keep its existing connection to the P212 controller, and also connect to the B110i onboard controller?

Is there any trickery you need to perform in the BIOS to keep the P212 as the bootable controller, if the B110i is also enabled?

Any help appreciated!