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DL180 G5 Server boot problems

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DL180 G5 Server boot problems

I have a DL180 G5 server (x86) and everything has been running fine. I recently purchased a HP SAN bundle and it came with 2 QLogic HBA's (AK344A or QL's part number QLE2560). Once installed the server no longer will reboot. When rebooting the fans will spin up and then I will get 8 short beeps and nothing else. Nothing on the screen either. I let it sit like that for a bit and still nothing.

To troubleshoot this problem I replaced the card with the other one in the bundle, removed the P400 SAS controller, moved the slot the HBA was in. Still happens when rebooting.

Now, to make it stranger, if I let the server sit off for a few minutes it will come right up like nothing happened. But the second it tries to reboot it hangs.

Any help here would be GREATLY appreciated, I am sick of spending days in the Colo facility tracking it down.

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Re: DL180 G5 Server boot problems

were you ever able to get any insights into what's going on with the system?  I just added one of these to my network today and it booted fine the first couple times while installing the OS, but now it will no longer POST and gives me 8 short beeps every time I power it on.  I've tried removing everything, clearing the CMOS, and so on.  No luck.