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Re: DL180 G5 maximum storage


DL180 G5 maximum storage


We have a client with a DL180 G5 server that wants to know the maximum storage capacity.

It seems that the Smart Array controller is the variable that defines your maximum capacity, please correct me if I'm wrong?

That said, when I see this announcement:,no%20theoretical%20limit%20is%20defined.

.. it leads me to believe that if the customer upgrades to the P400 or P800 controller in their machine, with the latest firmware, that they could populate all 8 slots with 4TB drives in a RAID5 to achieve a roughly (7*4=) 28TB logical disk.

Does anyone have any experience with,. or guidance about, this?


Re: DL180 G5 maximum storage


Looking at the quick specs the largest supported phyiscal drive for this card is 1TB -

I found this thred on spiceworks which suggests any drive larger then 2TB isn't recognised and may not be supported. -

So while the size of a logical drive seems to be unlimted the restricting factor will be the size of the phyical drive. Adding to that you're limited by the OS supported on the DL180 G5 and in turn their support for larger drives. 

The safest answer I'd go with is 38TB as detailed on the Quickspecs but you'd struggle to achive this I think. If you use all of the 8 internal slots then I'd say 7TB is you're best bet.

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