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DL180 G6 P212 Controller CentOS 5.4

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DL180 G6 P212 Controller CentOS 5.4

Hi all,

I have an issue I am hoping someone might be able to help me with.

We have a DL180 G6 with 4 x 1TB Seagate SATA drives. We have the P212 raid controller with the four disks in a RAID 5 container.

Problem is that when we try to install CentOS 5.4 on the system we get the following error
"Your boot partition is on a disk using the gpt partitioning scheme but this machine cannot boot using gpt"

I have rebuilt the raid array using the P212 bios as well as the ACU CD but to no avail .. I had an identical box which we built yesterday with the same install DVD and had no issues.

Any one got any ideas ?
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Re: DL180 G6 P212 Controller CentOS 5.4

You can only boot from a MBR based disk in your environment. Unfortunately you can create a MBR disk greater than 2.1TB, for this reason Centos defaults to creating a GPT partition.

In order to work around this you need to make a slice of your array for the MBR based system which you boot from and a separate slice for your data.

To do this you will need to boot off the smartstart cd supplied with your system and run the array configuration utility.
I cant remember the exact steps, but essentially you will need to create a RAID set from all of your disks and then create two separate disks. One which is for your system (20gb for example) and another that is for your data (using the remaining space).

From there you can install centos into the smaller area.
You may have to wait until you have the system up and running before you can create the data area as detailed here..
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Re: DL180 G6 P212 Controller CentOS 5.4

I say, ten point for Carl.