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DL180 G6 and RAID monitoring ?

Occasional Advisor

DL180 G6 and RAID monitoring ?

Hi all.


I'm about to purchase a new batch of ProLiant DL servers.

It seems only the DL180 G6 series is the only one that still sports 3.5" disks AND an optical drive.

Disks taken out of the equation, I would have gone for the tried and true DL380/385.

I still fail to see the point of forcing slower and smaller 2.5" drives up the throat of customers...


Well, DL180 it is.

The DL180 and ML100 series used to be very frustrating machines, on which the Insight Management Agents refused to install, and you ended up with your 500$ HP RAID controller running in a "supported" configuration but with no way to monitor it.

Now it seems HP got its feet back on earth and included some parts of that iLO stuff in the DL180 G6.


Here is what the quickspecs have to say about this:

While ProLiant 100 series G6 servers do not support the Insight Foundation Suite for ProLiant, they support a key subset of this important suite software tools and utilities which are very suitable for this class of server: SIM, SMH, agents, providers, and a SmartStart 'like' deployment CD called Easy Set-up which greatly simplifies server set-up.

 Fine. I can deal with the missing SmartStart CD and even with the absence of the BIOS-embedded virtual floppy drive.

And I checked it, the Insight Management Agents are indeed offered as a download for this machine (unlike older DL100/ML100 series).


Now what got me startled is the following paragraph, still from the quickspecs:

The following capabilities are enabled on the 100-series G6 servers by the SNMP agents:
. Health monitoring capabilities, including monitoring for drives, fans, network, power supplies, and temperature
. Alerting capabilities, including basic alert notification for Smart Array drive pre-failure only
. Performance monitoring capabilities providing information on processor, memory, disk free space, network utilization

Wow, wow, wait, seen that?

"Alerting capabilities, including basic alert notification for Smart Array drive pre-failure only"

Really? Do they mean it?

My English is not up to par, but I get this as "OK, we'll tell you if the drive is about to tail, but once it's for real, we're gone!"



There's no way I can get some reliable info on this topic from HP France or partners, it's just... beyond their reach.

So here's where I need your help.

Does anyone have the thing running?

Is it able to report on disk failure, removal, RAID reconstruction?

Anyone can reassure me on this?

Can I go for it or is it yet again a purchase I'll regret? (the 100 series got me used to this...)