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DL180 G6 fan noise and BMC SDR firmware number change

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DL180 G6 fan noise and BMC SDR firmware number change

Hi. I've bought a DL180 G6 from eBay and have been really impressed with it EXCEPT for the fan noise. Reading a bit more can see that this is a tough issue to crack and the later versions (G8 / G9) have better fan control.

I tried messing about by fooling the fans into thinking there were 8 fitted and used wires to take signals from the other 4 (see the following link ) and had success in dramtically lowering the noise but it did lead to the server shutting down randomly due to overheating.

I decided to put all 8 fans back in and test having 5,6 or 7 running and what volume of noise this would generate. During this testing a message popped up on one of the BIOS boots saying make sure non redundant fan cage in use and downgrading the BMC SDRR configuration from to

I was too slow to press the 'N' key and the downgrade occured. now only 4 fans are recognised and they run even louder (!) than the 8 fans previously.

My issue is that I want to use all 8 fans and go back to the updated BMC SDR Version I've tried flashing the BIOS and ILO and also factory default BIOS and BMC using the jumpers but no luck.gratefully received

Any suggestions?



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Re: DL180 G6 fan noise and BMC SDR firmware number change

I would suggest first to check and make sure all FAN are connected correctly to there respective FAN connectors

For connector details refer DL180 G6 Service guide page 48 and 122

Update server BIOS and iLO firmware to the latest available at

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