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DL180 G6 - temp issue

Sirajul haque
Frequent Advisor

DL180 G6 - temp issue

DL180 G6 server - shutsdown because of over temp (Server is placed in a room where temp is above normal)

Is there a BIOS setting that controls this, where one server might have a different "maximum shutdown temperature" setting than the other?

Also finds below said error:

Event Sensor Type: 04 (Fan)
Event Sensor Number: 17
Event Dir Type: 01
Event Data: 59 FF F0

Checked below said link:
Advisory: ProLiant DL165/SL165 G7-Series Servers - Abnormal System Event Logs Will Be Generated in Lights-Out 100 Management Page Whenever the BMC Generic Firmware Is Updated


Also from above said error, how can we makeout which fan is causing the issue?



Any help is appreciated.

Though I work for HP, I do not represent HP here :)

Re: DL180 G6 - temp issue



There is no setting in BIOS to control temperature or threshold.


According to IPMI v1.0 Sensor Types and Sensor-specific Event Offsets:

Event Sensor Type: 04 (Fan)
Sensor Type Code 04h is for fan (it dosent mean fan#4 has failed) it could be any fan.

Event Dir Type: 01
Event Types 01h is for Threshold, is either Upper Critical or Lower Critical


I am not sure about the other two parameters:

Event Sensor Number: 17
Event Data: 59 FF F0


But I would suggest looking at the latest LO100 firmware release, it has some fixes and enhancements "Resolved an issue where warm IPMI reset watchdogs/exceptions were executing cold resets instead of warm resets."