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Re: DL180 No Post / BMC Blinking, all leds Green

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DL180 No Post / BMC Blinking, all leds Green

Hi, i will describe the issue hoping to find an answer because I'm about to go crazy, I have a DL180 G6 with 1 proc. 2 DIMMS on position A2 B4 like it says on the manual, a month ago a fan failed resulting in shutdown, I replaced the fan and the server boot up normally, we had a power outage on the weekend and today I found it powered on with the fans at full speed and no post messages, no video at all, here is what a tried so far:


1.- Swapped the Memories

2.- Reset RTC, CMOS, Pulled the Bios Battery

3.- Disassembled the server to the bare minimum.

4.- Detached the processor, replaced the silicon on the heatsink

5.- Put it back together

6.- Ensured every cable to be in the right place


All the leds are green, BMC led is Blinking, but I still can figure what seems to be failing, I suspect bios corruption but I wasn't updating anything, it is just like it came from the seller, server is a year old at least.


I don't care about the data, it was running non essential software that was backed before the outage, any ideas are welcome.




Re: DL180 No Post / BMC Blinking, all leds Green



You could try this if possible:

Swap with a known good processor available.


Else try this troubleshooting:

BMC activity LED indicator
Steady green = BMC is power on and in initialization process.
Flashing green = BMC activity.
Off = AC is Off.

Refer to the attached image, item#27 is (J27) System maintenance jumper.


Default jumper Status is Off
Jumper A = Clear CMOS
Jumper B = Clear password
Jumper C = Recovery BIOS
Jumper D = Recovery BMC
Jumper E = RTC reset

Switch OFF the server, then short/switch ON Jumper D to ON position and then switch ON the server to see if it works.


Note: BMC means Baseboard Management Controller which is similar to iLO with limited functionality.



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Re: DL180 No Post / BMC Blinking, all leds Green

Thanks, the thing is I don't have a another processor those things are very expensive here in Venezuela, so far a have done what you tell me in this way:


With the power cable on BMC is blinking, I switch on the D pin, it keeps blinking, turn on the server and it does the same thing, no post!.


Without the power cable BMC is off, I switch on the D pin, no blinking, power on the server it's even more noise and BMC is still off, poweroff, remove the D pin, start, the same thing... Blazing fast no activity on BMC, then remove the power cable, back on and BMC is blinking again and no response on POST when turned on.


any ideas?

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Re: DL180 No Post / BMC Blinking, all leds Green

Does it start if you remove the smart array card and the LAN cables?

If it does, watch the voltage (aux 3.3V) from either BIOS or LO100 connection (ILO), does it decrease if you plug in the LAN cable?

It might be a problem with the voltage on the system board, better discuss the issue with your hp support.

Hope this helps!

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Re: DL180 No Post / BMC Blinking, all leds Green

Well, after 2 without power the server starting working but after a while it became unresponsive again, i switch it off, and stayed in standby mode, i changed the PSU's with working ones (Tested it on another server) and the BMC lights keeps blinking, the system health light blinks green wen i push the start button but it stays the same (not powering up), if a put a jumper on the Recovery BMC and reconnect the power strip, UID led lights on (blue) and the system led is steady amber (not powering up the server), any ideas?


btw... i removed the non essentials from the server.