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DL180 and TFT7600

Chris Roomes
Occasional Visitor

DL180 and TFT7600

We have a DL180 G5 server (and multiple DL360 G5, ML370 G5 servers as well as a few dc7800 workstations) that connect via an HP KVM switch to a TFT7600. The TFT 7600 doesn't appear to support DDC and there appears to be no .inf file for this monitor. Most of the servers are running Windows 2003 and the workstations XP SP3. I have manufactured an .inf for this screen so that I can set the maximum resolution at 1440x900.

At the moment I am forced to use the nearest 4:3 resolution 1152x864, and in fact the driver appears to support no wide screen

I successfully corrected all the servers (using PSP 8.25 and my tft7600.inf) except the DL180 G5, which refuses to switch to this resolution, even though the shipped driver on the CD is installed. I have checked for updated drivers, but the Matrox Server.Engine driver for windows (ver appears to be the last driver released by HP/Matrox and is dated April 2007.

I have removed the KVM out of the equation to eliminate it as being part of the problem but still cannot get to the right resolution. I have connected a Samsung T240 wide screen to the DL180 to see if the DDC can define the resolution, but the controller appears not to be able to "see" the screen info, so I have switched it manually (after installing the screen driver).

To prove that the problem is not also with the T240 I connected it to my HP 8710w laptop and have no problem setting the screen to 1440x900.

To make things worse the Matrox driver claims that it supports 1440x900, and at this resolution the 8MB frame buffer should be adequate for 1440x900x32 (or 24).

The server's BIOS is the latest (22 April 2009) release and there is no ability to tune the frame buffer in the BIOS setting.

I have been forced to choose the nearest 4:3 resolution (1152x864), and when listing all the available modes I have noticed that there is only support for 4:3 and 5:4 aspect ratios, despite the .inf listing both 1440x900 and 1680x1050.