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DL180 fan noise

Andreas Papamihael
Occasional Contributor

DL180 fan noise


New installation of 8x DL180 G6 servers with an additional P410/512 Raid Controller. When the raid controller is installed the system fans produce unbearable noise. When controller is removed the noise level drops and you can barely notice the machine is on. As per Online Chat Support's instructions the Bios was upgraded to version 020 (2010.02.04), the iLO firmware upgraded to 4.06 and the controller's firmware upgraded to version 3.00. Issue still exists. If the controller is removed upon boot the server upgrades BMC SDRR/CFG to which kills the noise. If the controller is plugged back in the server upon boot downgrades the BMC SDRR/CFG to which reintroduces the noise. Also tried replacing the raid controller with a plain P212 running firmware version 3.00 which causes the same behaviour.

Please, anyone has an idea about this?
Occasional Advisor

Re: DL180 fan noise


you have i think the same problem so many people have. look at this tread. The fan problem seem to be linked to a PCIe. For now no solution.
For info, I have the same problem you have with upgrade/downgrade of firware.

Good luck :)