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DL180 installing windows 2003 standard

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DL180 installing windows 2003 standard

I have a new DL180 & want to install windows 2003 standard. This model is not supported by smartstart. The issue I have is that windows does not see the hard drives. It has an HP smart array e200 controller. My colleague has identified that a 2003 server enterprise SP1 CD does work. This is most likely becaue the enterprise CD has newer drivers on it. I have thought of using the F6 option in windows to use drivers. The installer asks for an a drive. This server does not have an a drive fitted, and I do not currently have access to an a drive(dont generally use them). I cant see a way of simulating an a drive, unless I

-buy an HP USB stick that simulates an a drive
-find some way of getting my usb memory stick to simulate an a drive
-buy a USB floppy drive
-get a newer windows 2003 install cd
-burn a windows cd with newer drivers on

Is there any way around this without buying extra hardware?

Re: DL180 installing windows 2003 standard

You can use the Nlite option..
basically is create a new windows CD with the drivers already on it.

you just need to download the software
and I am attaching a doc with the details of how to use it