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DL180G6, Debian 6 (Squeeze), How to control the fans?

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DL180G6, Debian 6 (Squeeze), How to control the fans?



New DL180, updated bios and firmwares, installed debian 6 and PSP 8.7.0, hp-health and snmp-agents.

Still, the fans run at 55% which is way too high (and noisy) for a server doing nothing.


What is the component that controls the fans from the OS? Is there any way to configure the

fans speed? The only solutions I've found mention older debian releases and using converted RH

installation packages of the hpasm, which didn't work for me. 


Re: DL180G6, Debian 6 (Squeeze), How to control the fans?



Generation 6 servers have Sea of Sensors (SOS) embedded on the system board. These sensors provide inputs to adjust fan speed settings. It is possible that one or more of the fans may not be seated correctly and hence the rest of the fans take the load and hence are noisy. To further isolate the issue, the following steps may be performed.


Reseat the fans and their connections on the system board and check if the issue is resolved. If after this step the issue persists, then please clear the server NVRAM. To do so, the following steps may be performed:


          i. Power down the server and remove the access panel.


          ii. Please refer to item 2 of the System board components diagram, on page 69 of 87 of the server’s maintenance and service guide to identify the system maintenance switch. The guide is locatable at the following link:



          iii. Locate jumper J27, item number 27 in figure System board components, at page 133 (137/163) of the server’s maintenance and service guide locatable at the following link:


          iv. Set Jumper A, from the default position to on and power on the server. There will be a message that the System. Once this message displays, please power off the server and then revert the position to off position.


After clearing NVRAM, please re-enter the serial number in the server's RBSU. You may perform the following steps:


          i. During the server startup sequence, press the F9 key to access RBSU.


          ii. Select the System Options menu.


          iii. Select Serial Number. The following warning is displayed:  


                   WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! The serial number is loaded into the system during the manufacturing process and should NOT be modified. This option should only be used by qualified service personnel. This value should always match the serial number sticker located on the chassis.  


          iv. Press the Enter key to clear the warning.


          v. Enter the serial number and press the Enter key.


          vi. Select Product ID.


          vii. Enter the product ID and press the Enter key.


          viii. Press the Esc key to close the menu.


          ix. Press the Esc key to exit RBSU.


          x. Press the F10 key to confirm exiting RBSU. The server will automatically reboot.


If the issue persists, then please reseat all server components, except the processors. If not, then please boot the server with base configuration.


To do so, leave only the processors currently installed and one memory module per processor installed in DIMM slot ‘A’ for each processor and remove all other components installed in the server and power on the server. If there is no fan noise, then please add one component at a time and power on the server till the component causing the issue isolated.


You may refer to the following link containing videos of parts removal to assist in this activity.







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Re: DL180G6, Debian 6 (Squeeze), How to control the fans?

Thank you for a detailed answer but unfortunately things didn't go so easily.


I followed the instructions until the part of setting the serial number, since modifying this data was not possible.

The key to access RBSU was f10 if that matters and the serial number was greyed in the system tab even after

clearing the NVRAM.


I then removed the raid-controller and additional network card and booted the computer. After the normal boot

there was a phase where it said:

"Updating SDRR/Configuration ->"
After this it re-initialized BCM and the fans got reduced to a low, reasonable level. 

After this I tried adding cards separately to see the effect: after adding the raid controller the

update went from -> and the fans got a little louder and then

after adding the network cart it went frmo .177 -> .175 and the fans were back to loud.


Is there a way to prevent the BCM from changing it configuration since presumable it can increase the

fan speed when needed but the normal level could be the low one it used with this .181-configuration.


Working without these cards is not an option. 



Re: DL180G6, Debian 6 (Squeeze), How to control the fans?



The issue may be with the power switch printed circuit board. Please refer the following advisory:



Please contact technical support to further assistance in isolating if the issue is with the power switch. They would require the following logs to further isolate the issue.


a. The HP Insight Diagnostics Offline Survey file generated from this server in the following manner:


          1. Connect an USB drive, up to 2GB capacity, formatted with FAT32 file system to the server.


          2. Boot from the HP ProLiant DL180 G6 Easy Set-up CD.


          3. Select language as English (US) and keyboard layout as US English and click ‘Next’.


          4. Agree to EULA.


          5. Click Maintenance and then click on HP Insight Diagnostics.


          6. Click tab Survey. Set Category to ‘All’ and View level to ‘Advanced’, click button 'Save Report' to save the report to the USB key.


You may download the latest version of the SmartStart disk image from the following link:



b. The CFG2html report generated from the server by performing the following steps:


          i. Download the script from the HPRC external FTP server (this can be used inside Windows IE):


    Alternative way of connecting to the FTP server:

    The FTP server is:

    The username is:    iss

    The password is:    tools4AL


    For LINUX type the following at your console:

    - ftp

    - at the user prompt enter: iss

    - at the password prompt enter: tools4AL

      don't set the connection type to binary as otherwise the script might not work.

    - then type: cfg2html-linux212 (transfer will start as you will see)

    - type: quit to leave FTP


          ii. Make the script executable on your LINUX server: chmod +x cfg2html-linux212


          iii. Run the script by typing ./cfg2html-linux212


          iv. All output is stored all together in the file {hostname}.tar (as stated during execution of the script).


The cfg2html file may be downloaded from the following link:



c. The IML log from the server by logging to the server’s iLO, under tab System Status, click IML. Copy the logs onto a notepad and save it.


In addition to the above logs, please mention the steps that has been perform and its results as told by you in this forum.


Contact HP:


Chat Support at:



Submit and manage a support case:



HP Support Center:



Contact HP option:






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Views expressed herein are my personal opinion and are not the views of HPE

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Re: DL180G6, Debian 6 (Squeeze), How to control the fans?

Thank you for very detailed responses. 


I finally got hold of the local support and the matter is taken care of,

I'll post final resolution here when it resolved, in case someone else runs into the same thing. 

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Re: DL180G6, Debian 6 (Squeeze), How to control the fans?

Just had a visit from a HP support tech who changed all the parts in the machine, nothing worked.


He said something about it being as software glitch and that they would push this case onward.

He took all the logs mentioned so I hope it helps.