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DL185 G5 - Fails to boot after BIOS Update

Jason Klotzer
Occasional Contributor

DL185 G5 - Fails to boot after BIOS Update

I just bought a DL185 G5 off of Ebay and the first thing I did was update all the firmware, including the BIOS. Unfortunately, after running the latest BIOS update I restarted the server and it failed to start. It doesn't even show anything on the screen and there are no beeps at all! All it does it turn the fans on HIGH and stays like that continuously when the server is powered on and goes no further in the boot process.

Please, does anyone have any options for rolling back the BIOS, etc? I'm really not in the mood to replace the motherboard, etc. and I don't have a service plan for this thing.

Thank you very much for any input and have a happy 4th!