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DL185 g5 fans problem

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DL185 g5 fans problem



I have a DL185 g5 server and the mobo broke, so I bought a refurbished one.

Now when I start the server, it says that don't detect any fan (it says 6 fans but I only have 4). 

I can not eather enter on the boot menu or bios to update firmware.


Someone can help?




Re: DL185 g5 fans problem

At first thought, I would check to make sure you seated all the components correctly (memory, CPU, etc). Then try clearing CMOS

 Clear CMOS Button (SW4)
The system board has a system configuration (CMOS) button (SW4). To clear system configuration, remove AC power and press the CMOS button for seconds.

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Re: DL185 g5 fans problem

Thank's for your reply,


I've already reinstalled all components and reset cmos before. Nothing change.