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DL185G5 Fan full speed after system FW

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DL185G5 Fan full speed after system FW

I updated a couple of DL185G5 servers to 2009.08.04 (A) failing to notice the readme that says: "BMC version 3.11 must be installed on the DL185 G5 before upgrading to this version 08/04/2009 BIOS."

One server is 3.00 the other 3.05

bios updated succefully, it said "BMC updating" but the fans remain at full speed all the time(bios posts to BMC responding, reports voltages and speeds correctly).
So i notice in the support site the 3.11 FW, load it and when i try to run the rompaq it says that no package is detected for my hardware(even thought it's there).

i tried downgrading the system firmware to the original version to no avail, the fans never go down from full speed.

What do i do now?, how can i force the rompaq now?(i won't rma the boards over something this simple)
Peter Vrancken
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Re: DL185G5 Fan full speed after system FW

did you find a solution?
I have the same problem....
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Re: DL185G5 Fan full speed after system FW

you can flash the BMC after the bios with the ROMPAQ supplied,
my problem was that i was using a ROMPAQ pendrive which already had rompaq files for old systems, thus making the utility unable to detect the BMC.

solution was to delete all of the old definition files and leave only the BMC ones(firmware, descriptor and rompaq utility only), then it detected and flashed the BMC succesfully