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DL185G5 Rom Broken by latest rompaq

Thomas Clodfelter
Occasional Visitor

DL185G5 Rom Broken by latest rompaq

I have a DL185G5. After doing the latest ROM update the server will no longer Boot and there is no video. I can't get into setup. I know there is supposed to be a rom disaster recovery mode but I can't find information on it. Anyone know to to do ROM Disaster recovery on this machine?
Vaibhav Gandhi
Frequent Advisor

Re: DL185G5 Rom Broken by latest rompaq

Hi Thomas,
We have option to use redundant ROM in Proliant servers 300series onwards.
In this DL185 G5, we do not have System Maintenance Switch to toggle to activate redundant ROM.

What you can do here is,
Clear CMOS by using Button (SW4) on systemboard.

The system board has a system configuration (CMOS) button (SW4). To clear system configuration, remove AC power and press the CMOS button for seconds.

You should be able to find this button with help of Systemboard diagram located on back of access panel.

Let me know if this helps!

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Re: DL185G5 Rom Broken by latest rompaq

Was this ever solved?  I have the same problem with a DL185 G5.  It's bricked after update and HP wants $700+ for a new MB.  


It also sounds like there are a couple of errors in the docs (SW4 doesn't appear to exist).

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Re: DL185G5 Rom Broken by latest rompaq

I too have suffered this same failure.  SW4 does exist, but running through the given procedure does not reset the BIOS to a functional state.  Hmm, install an HP 'patch' on an HP it doesn't work.  And to top it off, they want you to PAY for a new MOBO!?!?  Come on HP, don't you test your own software?!?!