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DL320 (G1) boot controller order change


DL320 (G1) boot controller order change

I've got this DL320 which I think is a G1 (P-III 1.26GHz CPU).

It has an add-on IDE controller as well as an integrated IDE controller. There was a SATA Controller in the PCI slot. This configuration worked under Win2K3 but didnt have capability for SCSI tape drive.

I took the SATA controller out and installed a SCSI controller as well as changed the drives.

The SCSI controller (Adaptec SCSI Card 19160) detects the SCSI drives and the tape drive.

I went into the BIOS to change the boot order of the controller cards but it wont respond to change requests.

The BIOS Boot controller order comes up in the setup screen, shows me the 3 controllers and when I select the SCSI controller and bring up its "priority" (which is set to 3) and using the screen recommended up and down arrow keys, try and change the boot order, it does nothing.

Nada, no change possible.

The system will boot from the CD drive which is on the Mobo, but wont see the SCSI drives.

Any help or ideas here would be appreciated.

The Ruffage

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Re: DL320 (G1) boot controller order change


Have you made sure that the Adaptec controller has INT13 enabled? This will allow it to be used as a bootable controller. Use CTRL-A at POST when prompted to enter the Adaptec configuration utility. INT 13 is sometimes switched off in the BIOS to stop disk related messages when no disks are attached.

Generally only HP approved controllers can be configured in the boot order and unfortunately the PCI slot in the DL320 G1 is on the secondary bus so integrated devices will always come before it.

Have you tried removing the integrated IDE controller from the system board (next to the memory dimms) if you don't need it. This might help allow the Adaptec to boot.

It may just be the INT13 setting which is preventing the Adaptec from booting.

I hope this helps.


Re: DL320 (G1) boot controller order change

Thanks for the reply.

I did have iNT13 enabled but wasn't aware of the bus location.

SmartStart was being difficult and I wanted to use Win2K3 on this unit anyway, so I bypassed it and used the Windows CD to boot with and used the F6 route to load the driver for the adapter.


Re: DL320 (G1) boot controller order change

As mentioned earlier, I used the Windows CD to boot.

If SmartStart wasn't going to see the controller card anyway, might as well.