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DL320 G2 not posting.

somebody else
Occasional Contributor

DL320 G2 not posting.

I tried to turn on a DL320 G2 after the weekend and it no longer boots.

It's not getting past the post (no video output, no beeps) and there are no dignostic LEDs visible to say a specific component has failed.

I've removed 2 of the 4 dimms in turn with no difference, and removed all dimms which resulted in the DIMM failure lights for all banks lighting up.

I've removed the 5i controller card which made no difference - and there are no PCI card present.

Before I try and remove a CPU and power regulator and change them over is there anything else to look for?
The server has no ILO so I can't see the POST 85 codes.

There are some LEDs that come on in sequence then flash (CR41-49 IIRC) but I have no idea what this actually is.

Any ideas or have I got a brick?
somebody else
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL320 G2 not posting.

Clarification: it's a 380 G2 not a 320.
sanesh vig
Valued Contributor

Re: DL320 G2 not posting.


I think you have already tried lots of steps.

Still i think reseating\removing the processor would be a good idea.

you could also try to clear the NV RAM

There is no known issue in this regard.

We do come across these kind issue quite often and more often than not .. systemboard is faulty in most cases.

Spare Part number : 228494-001

Description : System board without processor