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DL320 G3 - Can't create RAID (after OS installed)

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DL320 G3 - Can't create RAID (after OS installed)

Hi all,

I installed Windows.2003.R2.Standard with Exchange.2003.Standard on my server with one 80Gb SATA HDD. Server now is 100% configured and running. Hard drive has one primary partition (15Gb), other space is unpartitioned.

I just added second unpartitioned HDD (the same as the first). I installed HPSM.4.10 and tried to create RAID-1, but received an error:

"There are insufficient controller resources for the selected RAID level. Please select a different RAID level."

The same error appears when I try to create RAID-0 (you can see attached screenshot).

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance.
Daniel Leblanc
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Re: DL320 G3 - Can't create RAID (after OS installed)


If you have set up a RAID array, after the Windows installation, install the driver again by running the setup.exe file. By running it again from Windows the V-RAID tool will become available so that you can monitor or change your RAID array set up from within Windows
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Re: DL320 G3 - Can't create RAID (after OS installed)


What driver do you mean. I found this one - , but it didn't help.

When I was installing Windows, the SATA driver was installed automatically (I hadn't download any storage driver). In device manager it is defined as "Adaptec Embedded Serial ATA HostRAID".

Can you provide me link to the driver you mentioned in your post.
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Re: DL320 G3 - Can't create RAID (after OS installed)

Hi Zahar,

When you create a RAID volume using some HDD (in your case you are trying to create RAID 1 with 2 disks), the RAID information alongwith chunk (stripe) distribution happens throughout the disks. In your case you have already installed OS, and want to create RAID afterwards using the same HDD as a member, which is not possible. In order to create RAID volume with these disks, you have to start from the scratch.
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