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DL320 G3 onboard SATA

Ted Cupp
Occasional Contributor

DL320 G3 onboard SATA

I am having some problems with the DL320 G3 onboard SATA controller. I have 2 80GB SATA drives configured for RAID 1. We recently had a drive fail and experienced the following:

1) The system management home page does not display any information about the onboard SATA controller or the physical drives.

2) We did not get any notification from HP Systems Insight Manager about the drive failure and I have definately have SNMP and management agents configured correctly for the SIM console.

3) After replacing the drive and rebuilding the raid set through the F8 prompt during post time, we have to wait until the rebuild is complete before booting the system.

This seems out of character for an HP server. Am I missing something? I contacted HP support and they had me install a separate agent that does not tie into the regular management agents. That agent allows us to view the controller and physical drives. It also will send an email message, but it doesn’t seem to be able to send an SNMP trap to our console. This means we have to install this on each of our deployed servers and have yet another management piece to configure. Any ideas?