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DL320 G3 server - VLAN tagged packets


DL320 G3 server - VLAN tagged packets


We find that the onboard ethernet ports are not working for the VLAN tagged packets. There are some issues in processing the VLAN tagged packets. The transfer rate with VLAN tagged packets is less compared to non VLAN tagged packets.

Please sugeest what could be the problem.


Re: DL320 G3 server - VLAN tagged packets

I have resolve the problem by updating the Onboard Network card. BCM 5700 series drivers

Another problem needs to be resolve. I have configured VLAN on Fedora Core 2 release platform. Downloading inside VLAN reduce 50% at user end and when the same is tried outside VLAN i am getting 100% throughput.

Network card is gigabit NC7782 dual port.

Please suggest!