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DL320 G4 CPU/Bios questions/issues

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DL320 G4 CPU/Bios questions/issues

I have a pair of DL320 G4 w/a 3.0Ghz Pentium D.
I have noticed in linux that one of them is only showing one cpu.
Is there something in the bios that can affect this?
The second machine shows both cores in the OS.

I see the following in dmesg on the machine that only shows one core.
ACPI Exception (processor_core-0816): AE_NOT_FOUND, Processor Device is not present [20070126]

I'm not sure if I went through and changed the Bios and screwed this up a couple years ago, and just never noticed because the machine was barely used until recently.

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Re: DL320 G4 CPU/Bios questions/issues


seen the issue solved by going in BIOS F9 and under "OS selection" choose Linux.
This option is available in older servers, but seems this is the case by yours.

The other difference between both servers can be the hyperthreading option again in RBSU -> Advanced options->processor options-> enable Hyper-Threading.

If still same problem you can try BIOS update, but I think it is one of the 1st two.