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DL320 G4 Poor SATA Performance

Occasional Contributor

DL320 G4 Poor SATA Performance

I have a DL320 G4, configured with the 4/8 Port Internal HBA. The performance of the SATA disks is unacceptably slow.

I have tried all the options I can think of, and I cannot get consistent disk write performance better then 6MB/sec. The only exception is if I use Device Manager to enable disk write caching. Then I can get the disk write performance to ~10MB/sec, but Windows quickly disables write caching as it sees a risk of data loss/corruption. And frankly even 10MB/sec is unacceptable slow.

Currently I have one disk installed, and no RAID. The machine is running all the latest firmware and drivers, and Windows 2003 SP1.

The machine performs worse then most of the desktop hardware I have to hand.

I have the same problem when using the built-in RAID controller, I only installed the SAS HBA because I thought it might improve the performance.

Is there anything I can do to improve the performance, or is this it for this machine?