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DL320 G4 SATA HDs procedure for upgrade

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DL320 G4 SATA HDs procedure for upgrade

I have a DL320 G4 with SATA drives RAID1
What im planning to do is to upgrade my Cisco CallManager application,
Here is my action plan:
Shutdown the server
Pull one drive (HDD1),
power it on and upgrade.
Shutdown the server
Inser HDD1 again, info will be copied from HD0 to HD1.

Since these are SATA drives not Hot swappable
im wondering if Im correct? Or I will need to rebuild the array from scrath

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Re: DL320 G4 SATA HDs procedure for upgrade

hi gogasca

I was thinking that the procedure you were following was to avoid in case in HDD0 the update was bad you had the other HDD1 out so you could rebuild the server again from HDD1.

Maybe it what you mean...
Procedure highly used when server has mirror in order to avoid any conflict when a critical update is applied so 1 HDD takes the update is everything works fine second HDD is added (all people happy) if no second HDD has a configuration with no changes and rebuild process if from that HDDs...

check the attached file how rebuild HDD with embedded SATA Raid Controllers

there are two ways I think the first one needs HP Storage SATA Manager installed in your System, check page 7

also check this link〈=en&cc=us&taskId=101&prodSeriesId=502439&prodTypeId=15351

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