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DL320 G4 - SmartStart and SATA RAID

Andrew Blackham
Occasional Visitor

DL320 G4 - SmartStart and SATA RAID

Is there any intention on HP's part to upgrade SmartStart to detect SATA RAID and then slip-stream the Adaptec SATA drivers into the desire OS install ?


NB. You will need a backup mechanism e.g. a USB drive or a Tape drive.

1. Disable RAID(SATA) in the BIOS (Default)
2. Use SmartStart to perform a normal installation.
3. Use MSBackup to backup the entire machine (ignore ASR) and Reboot
4. Enable RAID(SATA) in the BIOS
5. Create the RAID-n set (mirror/stripe) [F8]
6. Perform a fresh OS install
7. Press [F6] to specify additional drivers, and ensure you have the Adaptec RAID driver in the floppy.
8. Use MSBackup to restore the SmartStart backup.
9. After a reboot the OS will detect a new device, insert the Adaptec RAID driver floppy disk for the drivers.


- I noticed that SmartStart did not detect the two Network ports. Using an updated driver (HP website) worked.

- I also noted that If you run SmartStart after a clean install it will fail to identify either of the Network ports or another unknown device???