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DL320 G5 Sata Raid problem


DL320 G5 Sata Raid problem

Hello world, I have a 2003 SBS server working since 3 years. The array is configured for RAID1 and I have 2 500GB sata disks.
I found 1 disk in failed state (with controller bios diagnostic, since leds are off). I powered down the server and changed the failed disk with a new one, and the status of the array changed to "FAILED".
Then I plugged the disks to another pc and I found that the "good" disk had ONLY the windows default folders, such as the raid1 worked only during the os installation.
How is it possible? I used the sata raid driver to install the os, loading it by pressing F6 at the prompt during the installation.
Any help is appreciated not to repeat the problem in the future
thanks in advance
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Re: DL320 G5 Sata Raid problem

Upgrade all FW.

Smart Array + Drive backplane + drives.

Reseat disk or power cycle server would also bring it back on-line.

Re: DL320 G5 Sata Raid problem

There is no Smart Array.. it's Intel ICH9R integrated sata raid controller.
I updated all FW with firmwareCD 8.60 in december 2009
I think I missed to install some sw because the controller didn't write the data to both disks
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Re: DL320 G5 Sata Raid problem

I have no better idea's.

But do check, if new fw is available.

Lot's of new fw has come since FW CD 8.60.

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Re: DL320 G5 Sata Raid problem

appears it was never a raid 1 setup##

disable raid in bios back up to a disk from tape

insert disk in windows add the raid driver in dev manager

now add a physical disk now reboot and in bios enable raid

now you have windows waiting with a raid driver all ready and the server is setup for raid now the disks will mirror.

enjoy :)

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Re: DL320 G5 Sata Raid problem

Why it never was a RAID1 setup?
I can see the raid 1 array in the post, and Windows can see only 1 disk, and I had to put RAID drivers to install the os.
I want to know.. do I need other software in the operating system to have raid1 working?
On the 2nd disk there was only a fresh windows installation and it's really strande in my opinion
thanks in advance