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DL320 G5p No Network on Reboot Windows 2008

Occasional Contributor

DL320 G5p No Network on Reboot Windows 2008

I recently bought 2 DL320 G5p servers and installed (initially) Windows Web Server 2008. I cannot for the life of me get these systems to reboot and have the network come up reliably.

These systems have the Broadcom Netxtreme NICs (using only one port, no teaming). I originally installed the HP branded drivers that came on the CD. Everything was fine until I accidentally teamed the adapters on one system then dissolved the team.

After that I couldn't get my Windows updates to complete (stuck at "Stage 3 of 3" after rebooting). After reading online that the HP Network Configuration Utility (NCU) could interfere with Windows update, I removed it, but it made no difference.

So I wouldn't run the risk of accidentally enabling teaming the second server, I removed the HP NCU from there when that server reboots it fails too! (After a reboot most services don't start in Windows and there no way to configure network. And the config screens freeze. The only solution is to boot into safe mode, remove devices. Reboot, drivers reinstall and we're good until next boot...warm or cold boot, same problem.)

I tried the latest Broadcom drivers (from Broadcom) without success...I tried the latest HP, no luck.

I reinstalled Windows 2008 (x64), problem came back even though I never installed the HP drivers or utilities this time!! Finally, as a last ditch effort, I installed x86 (32-bit) Windows 2008...still doesn't work.

Any anyone out there help me? This problem has eaten 4 days of my time already.

Thanks in advance.