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DL320 Hardware malfunction

Marc Dupras
Occasional Advisor

DL320 Hardware malfunction

I have an HP Proliant DL320 with Windows 2003 installed on it. I rebooted the system. On the POST start up there are no errors. The memory is read without a problem. Harddrives are seen. I get to the starting Windows 2003 part without a hint of an error then I get a blue screen stating "Hardware Malfunction - Contact your vendor"

There is no other error message. There is no error code. No leads as to what might be the problem. The LEDs are all the norm without any issues.

I know it's not a hard drive issue because I took the harddrives out of this server and put it into another server and that one boots up fine.

So like I said visually there is nothing wrong with the server. All the fans are working. Nothing is beeping. Everything "looks" fine until I get that blue screen.

1. Anyone have any suggestions as to how I could narrow down the possibilities of the problem?

2. Is their a utility or something that I could download that would write a log of what the problem might be etc?

Any suggestions are welcomed. I have email notification enable so feel free to ask for additional information and I will try and update you as quickly as possible.

Honored Contributor

Re: DL320 Hardware malfunction


Can you get into SAFE MODE ok by pressing F8 at boot time? Maybe in safe mode you can have a look for things and disable services/drivers from starting to assist troubleshooting further. If not then something like ERD Commander 2005 might help.

You may also be able to boot other free Linux Live based CD's to check your disk and files for corruption. Unfortunately there are so many flavours I'm not sure which one would be most suitable to scan your NTFS partitions but a quick search on Google might produce results.

I hope this helps.