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DL320 NIC disabled

Youdao Zou
Occasional Contributor

DL320 NIC disabled

After a routine rebooting, all NICs, 2 built-in and 1 card, are disabled. In the network neiborhood, no NIC is listed. In device manager, all NICs have a yellow warning mark. NIC indicators light are all out. All drivers are up-to-date. I checked the BIOS and found IRQ11 was diabled. IRQ11 is for NIC on our other DL320 servers. If I enabled IRQ11, it will get disabled after system starts, even boot into a DOS with network support.

Any advice will be appreciated.

Allan Bowman
Respected Contributor

Re: DL320 NIC disabled

I would try re-seating the additional NIC card. If this doesn't change anything, try removing the card and see if the built-in NICs start working.

I have seen a number of DL3xx systems that stop working on a reboot because of a card that needs to be re-seated - never could understand why they don't fail prior to the reboot...

Youdao Zou
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL320 NIC disabled

Thanks, Allan. After removing additional NIC card, everything is working now.
Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: DL320 NIC disabled


Are you you using the NIC (ADD) is it complaint to the Server support matrix.

Please check the site for the same.

Prashant S.
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