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DL320 Overheating?

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DL320 Overheating?

I have a DL320 G5 running an SQL Database for our Library system. Today I noticed it was running very slowly while doing an update on this system over TS. When I went to the Comms Room I could hear the server screaming. The fans seemed to be working over time and I was trying to pull it out of the rack to open it up when it shut down (Shut itself down and started itself back up, the power cable didn't seem to come loose)


After booting back up it was still acting slowing, but the fans were behaving. The slowness sorted itself out somewhat after a while, though the machine does seem to be lagging just a little bit.


However, In the HP System Management I'm told that the hardware is all ok. And there is nothing in any logs to indicate that there was ever a problem. A colleague had told me that there was a loud noise coming from the comms room a couple of days ago, but I fobbed it off thinking it was just regular machine noise she'd heard. I'd also noticed the machine was asking for a reason for the previous unexpected shutdown the last few days, but we'd been having power cuts and though other servers weren't affected, I put it down to a UPS that wasn't quite up to scratch. However all this seems to indicate that this problem has been happening for a few days and the server is shutting itself down.


Is my only real option here to run hardware diags on bootup? As I can't see an proper diags to run while the server is up, as seen as logs say nothing and HP System Management is telling me everything is hunky dorey.