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DL320 Ultra-100 ATA IDE Raid status & management

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DL320 Ultra-100 ATA IDE Raid status & management

I recently started at a company that has 2 DL320 servers with the Integrated Ultra-100 ATA IDE controllers. The only Raid utility I see is a MegaRaid Spy in the system tray. On one DL320 the Spy icon is green. On the other DL320 the Spy icon is yellow and says "WARNING: SPY found error(s) in hard drive(s)" when you hover on it.

When I re-boot each DL320 and press F8 to go to the Raid utility it reports Raid 0 and lists one physical drive.

1) How can I find out what the error(s) are?
2) What software do I use to view/manage the Raid configuration?
3) Can I use the Integrated Ultra-100 ATA IDE controller to add a physical drive and go to Raid 1 or will I need to install a new Raid controller?

Thank you, Mike
Víctor Cespón
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Re: DL320 Ultra-100 ATA IDE Raid status & management

Is this a DL320 G2? Because the other generations have no RAID or SATA RAID.
You can install this:

The application will update the user's Integrated ATA RAID Management Utility to version and the MegaIDE driver to version 2.5.2002.1107.

But the spy aplication only shows you the state of the RAID and launches rebuild if neccesary. The configuration of the RAID must be done in the controller F8 menu.

Regarding the addition of a second disk, manual says this:

If the array configuration needs to be changed, back up the data first. When an array configuration changes, previous data in that array is lost.

IMPORTANT: Drives cannot be added or removed from an array that has already been configured without destroying the data present on the already configured array.