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DL320 & Win Server 2003 - Blue Screening

Kurt Alden2
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DL320 & Win Server 2003 - Blue Screening

Hello all

Ok, so this is not the most important problem in the world but maybe someone'll find it interesting enough to help out - its a bit bizarre. By the way, I posted this before (around 4 months ago but am still struggling).

I have a Compaq DL320 800mhz I purchased off Ebay. It has Windows server 2003 on it and a wireless network card in it.

When it's in my house it works fine and stays up and running for weeks at a time. However, when I put it in my garage it works fine for an hour or two blue screens with the error...

"Blue Screen Trap (BugCheck, STOP: 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0x805749B8, 0x8055B378, 0x00000000))",Operating System,Critical,1,10/3/2004 7:56 PM,10/3/2004 7:56 PM

I've done loads of searches on this error and have found nothing.

The garage is colder than the house (though not by much - it's pretty mild here in the uk) and probably a little humid (though the garage is dry). The servers sat around a foot off the ground on slats so it'll still get plenty of air circulation.

Narrowing down the causes....

It can't be the OS / hardware / set up as it works fine in the house.

It can't be wireless probs / interference /associating with another access point as I had a pc in there before set up the same and that ran fine for months.

I looked in the Windows logs - nothing.

I really cannot work out what's wrong. An old P2 300 pc ran fine in the garage no probs for months set up exactly the same way but my super duper new (to me) DL320 just won't work and has to sit in my office making lots of noise.

The only thing I can think of now is that it's a power problem. Maybe the mains in the garage is not very smooth or whatever. Can anyone relate the blue screen message I'm getting to a power issue?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: DL320 & Win Server 2003 - Blue Screening


First, have you tried placing the server in another location in the garage? The signal loss from the wireless could be "jest so" that it will hang from packet loss.

Here is an article dealing with your trap error:;en-us;840216&Product=winsvr2003

Here is a link to the QuickSpecs of the DL320, power and environmental requirements:

let me know what you find?
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