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DL320 not staying powered on, no error lights

Steve Kersley
Occasional Contributor

DL320 not staying powered on, no error lights

Hi there,
I have a DL320 server that has been working fine for some time and suddenly developed a fault.
When I turn it on, it whirrs for a bit and then after about 20 seconds turns itself off again.

During that brief on period, there is no display, there are no error beeps. All lights are normal - green power and system health on the front panel (until it turns off and goes back to orange power light), the two green power OK lights are lit, no other error lights internally (although there is one extra green light next to the battery which isn't mentioned in the list of diagnostic lights in the manual).

All fans are working, I've tried removing and replacing RAM and tested the CPU in another server and have tried the switches to reset CMOS settings. There are no add-in PCI cards.

Is there anything else left to try or is the server dead?

Shiraj Fernando
Regular Advisor

Re: DL320 not staying powered on, no error lights


Since you havent mentioned which generation the server belongs to I assume it's a G1 (No Gs)

Did u check if the power button is working fine?

Dust could also be a reason.

Keep us updated.

Shiraj Fernando
Steve Kersley
Occasional Contributor

Re: DL320 not staying powered on, no error lights

I'm guessing it's a G1 then - no G on the model number. It's about 3-4 years old at a guess, 3.06Ghz P4.

Power button appears to work fine - if I keep it pressed it seems to turn off after only a few seconds, I wondered if it was registering as being constantly pressed. I've just blasted it with an air duster but no difference. No dust elsewhere in the machine, and all fans are clean and spin fine.

I changed the CMOS battery too, although would only expect that to just mean the CMOS settings were lost, but you never know...